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Monday, 16 March 2020
Future Application Directions for Neuromorphic Computing Technologies

Venue: Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Im Neuenheimer Feld 227, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany

NICE 2020 This NEUROTECH event takes place on the day before the NICE 2020 conference (at the same venue, 17-19 March 2020 with an optional tutorial day on 20 March 2020).

Hotels: These hotels are relatively close to the meeting venue (Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, see map). A lot more hotels are listed in online hotel booking sites (e.g. on booking.com)

(300 min)
NEUROTECH talk program

The confirmed speakers include:

  • Steve Furber (Manchester): Building Brains - artificial and biological intelligence

  • Johannes Schemmel (Heidelberg): New perspectives for cost-efficient edge AI

  • Michael Schmuker (HERTS): Event-based gas sensing for neuromorphic olfaction

  • Bert Offrein (IBM): Analog synaptic signal processing for power-efficient neural network accelerators

  • Yulia Sandamirskaya (Intel)

  • Federico Corradi (imec): Spiking recurrent neural networks for IoT streaming applications

  • Charlotte Frenkel (ETH Zürich)

  • Also a roadmap for neuromorphic technologies will be presented: One of the goals of the NEUROTECH project is to create a roadmap for neuromorphic technologies in Europe. This presentation will present a first draft of it.

End of the NEUROTECH talk program
(120 min)
Evening Reception

at the meeting venue.

This evening reception is shared with the NICE 2020 conference and offers the chance to meet NICE speakers and attendants.

Contact: bjoern.kindler@kip.uni-heidelberg.de
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