2nd Neuromorphic Computing
Application Workshop

Neuromorphic Computing Platform
EU Human Brain Project

will be announced here when the date is fixed.
The workshop will introduce the two systems and explain the access via the HBP Collaboratory.
The live stream will be accessible on

Target audiences: Academia, industry, education
Architectures presented: SpiNNaker and BrainScaleS

Public--SpiNNakerMachine Feb2016 withLogo.jpg
Public--6D 0073294 Racks 19WaferSystemsInstalled 30March2016 cropped 50Percent withBrainScaleSLogo.jpgThe HBP Neuromorphic Computing Platform offers access to a unique set of 2 recently completed, complementary neuromorphic machines for modelling neural microcircuits and applying brain-like principles in machine learning and cognitive computing.




04 Jan 2018