Human Brain Project & Dutch Neuroscience: Shaping Collaborations - Agenda

(Agenda as of 2024/06/23-15:37 CEST)
Friday, 14 February 2020

Human Brain Project & Dutch Neuroscience: Shaping Collaborations

Dutch outreach event on the Human Brain Project

EBRAINS – A platform for collaboration in European Neuroscience

Venue: Amsterdam in the 'Pakhuis de Zwijger', Piet Heinkade 179.

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(30 min)

Registration & Coffee / tea

(10 min)
Welcome and Overview
show presentation.pdf (public accessible)
Cyriel Pennartz (UvA)
(15 min)
The Human Brain Project: New perspectives for brain sciencesKatrin Amunts (JUELICH)
(20 min)
National Engagement: Shaping Collaborations
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Alastair Thompson (EPFL)
(10+5 min)
The EBRAINS infrastructure: integrated services addressing current and future challenges in brain researchJan Bjaalie (UIO)
(15 min)
Coffee / Tea
(10+5 min)
HBP Brain modeling and simulation workflows in the EBRAINS Platform: integrated tools to create and investigate models of the brain
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Michele Migliore (CNR)
(10+5 min)
From the experimental bench to the platforms: providing/using data and models
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Mavi Sanchez-Vives (IDIBAPS)
(10+5 min)
High Performance Computing platform for storage and computing in the HBP
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Wouter Klijn (JUELICH)
(10+5 min)
New concepts towards neuroscience integration using the HBP platformViktor Jirsa (AMU)
(30 min)
Walking Lunch: Booths & Posters
(10+5 min)
Point neuron network modeling in the HBP
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Sacha van Albada (JUELICH)
(10+5 min)
The Neuromorphic Computing Platform
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Steve Furber (UMAN)
(10+5 min)
Embodiment: Connecting neural models to function
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Yannick Morel (TUM)
(10+5 min)
Brain-based robots: Understanding how the brain, body and environment interact to generate intelligent behavior
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Tony Prescott (USFD)
(15 min)
Coffee / Tea
Presentations by Dutch Researchers, two parallel sessions in the Ijzaal and Studio

(90 min)

Merged slides from parallel session 1 and 2 (20 MB)

TimeParallel Session I Parallel Session II
14:00-14:10Inge Huitinga (Dutch Brain Bank)

The Netherlands Brain Bank

Steven Scholte (University of Amsterdam)

Understanding scene segmentation using deep learning

14:15-14:25Niels Taatgen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

Towards a cognitive computer on the basis of neuromorphic hardware

Pepijn van den Munckhof (Amsterdam University Medical Center)

Deep brain stimulation in disorders of consciousness/arousal

14:30-14:40Gerard Borst (Erasmus Medical Center)

How the brain computes where sound is coming from.

Frank van der Velde (University of Twente)

Sentence structures as connection paths in the brain: A Neural Blackboard Architecture (NBA) of language (and cognition)

14:45-14:55Nick Ramsey (Utrecht University)

Neural ensemble activity and Brain-Computer Interface implants in Locked-In Syndrome

Maarten Kole (Nederlands Institute for Neuroscience)

From grey to white; resolving action potentials at nanoscale resolution

15:00-15:10Betty Tijms (Amsterdam UMC)

Heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s disease.

Pieter Kubben (Maastricht UMC)

Perspectives on adaptive deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease

15:15-15:25Fleur Zeldenrust (Radboud University)

Understanding information transfer in the brain: from single cell to network

Tao Chen (University of Twente)

Evolving functionality in disordered nanosystems

(15 min)
Coffee / tea
(60 min)
HBP-EBRAINS Panel DiscussionCyriel Pennartz, Katrin Amunts,
Alexander Heimel, Pieter Roelfsema,
Sacha van Albada, Mavi Sanchez-VIves
(75 min)
Drinks: Booths & Posters
End of the meeting